In Focus

A manifested thought from the valleys of my mind A realized dream from the corners of my soul A sudden boom from no where scrambling my senses Don't know where to look Don't know where to go Don't know why I'm here But it doesn't matter 'cause you're here too Dizzy, we stand on an … Continue reading In Focus


Where Have We Been???

Allow me to let you all in on a little secret: There's no greater pain than losing what you love. And there's no greater joy than getting it back. These past two months have been tumultuous to say the least. Highs and lows, breakups and makeups, smiles and tears. And in the end, you realize … Continue reading Where Have We Been???

Sugar & Honey

So sweet. Your kiss like sugar. So thick. Your lips like honey. Every taste of you. A syrup of delicious flavor. Sweet nectar from your tongue to mine. Your scent like warm vanilla. Makes me dizzy. Let me inhale deep And taste forever. Fill my cup with your liquid sugar Forever quench my thirst.