Us – Diamante Poem

Him Supportive, Passionate Blessing, Promising, Encouraging King, Saint, Queen, Rose Amazing, Unwavering, Understanding Loyal, Ardent Her


The Proposal: A Sonnet

There I stood in the middle of the store Smiling and giggling like its just us In my mind, not another soul around It's just me, my king, and our beating hearts I notice the way he stares back at me His mind racing and his heart is thumping "What are you thinking about?" I … Continue reading The Proposal: A Sonnet

Online Dating vs. Online Relationship

In my previous posts, I continually mixed up the terms "Online Dating" and "Online Relationship".┬áMy bad. Let's get this right. Alright folks, here's the deal... Those of us living in the modern age no longer shy away from the idea of finding love online. Right?   Let's think back not even 10 years from now. … Continue reading Online Dating vs. Online Relationship